The Purpose of this site is to answer questions on use of magnet therapy on human and animal bodies. How to do it and why it may help with pain and function problems. It will be based on my experience using magnets on and for my own health challenges and research I have done to understand why it may work.

I will not try to sell you something. Those that have products to sell may have Google adds associated with pages that I write and these may help you find products that may help you.
NOTE: I do not consider Magnet Therapy to be a stand alone therapy but an aid to other therapy or medical care you may be receiving Consult with your health care professional concerning any illness or pain.

The information on these pages is to help you find possible options that you may want to use. This information is not intended for diagnosis or cure of any illness, injury or disease.

My back ground:

Hans A. Quistorff, LMT

Washington State Massage Therapist licence MA 00008159

I was born in the spring of 1940 so I have some years of life experience as well as education to add weight to my advice.

I completed my massage schooling spring of 1995 and began working for a chiropractor also doing x-ray. When I would be asked about magnet therapy products my opinion was that they probably had some benefit but the cost may be more than the benefit. This has proved true for many but not all products I have tried or investigated. I spent one year with NIKKEN but the profit is in selling the business not in the products though some of them are very important to my work I buy them on eBay from those that have become disillusioned.

What to use? If you are inexperienced and want a kit and instructions I recommend

Many commercially available magnets are much stronger and more effective than those sold as health aids.
Are they dangerous?
In a way yes! Magnets that are strong enough to penetrate deep enough to help many conditions are strong enough to pinch you between them selves and another magnet or iron or steel object. The force of this collision may be 50 or 100 pounds and has often cut my garments and flesh and a few times others.

Warning: only handle one strong magnet at a time and know the distance that they must be separated to be safe.

How pages will describe magnets that can be used,

how to obtain them,

how to use them effectively.

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