How to use Magnets for
Wrist Pain

Not necessarily magnetic jewelry bracelets. Not that it can not be made attractive for daily wear.

Actual therapy plan for wrist pain

Wrist pain often comes from interference where nerves and tendons pass through the wrist bones, called carpels, which form a flexible arch called the carpel tunnel. 

Why does the carpel tunnel get painful?

Repetitive use is often blamed but other people may make the same repetitive motions for the same amount of time without pain.

What makes the difference?
Carpel Bones Out of Alignment
Tension across the the carpel tunnel is uneven
Tension on nerves and blood vessels cause them to rub on the tunnel
Swelling caused by any of the above.

Plan your unique magnet therapy

Magnet bracelets have helped many people because the magnets are proven reducers of swelling, the last point in the list. But are the magnets strong enough and in the position that will reach the swelling? This needs to be addressed in your plan.

Why are the carpel bones out of alignment? Is it because of poor posture alignment? Is it because the wrist has been injured? Is it because an injury in another place causes uneven tension on the tendons, ligaments, nerves or blood vessels crossing the wrist? These all need to be addressed in your plan.

Do you have a diagnosis or a guess?

If you guess that you have carpel tunnel syndrome, can you also guess why? If a health professional diagnosed carpel tunnel syndrome, did it include a possible cause? If so then we might be in a position to start a plan. If not, then it would be best to have an assessment by some one with the knowledge of the possible causes.

Swelling in the Carpel Tunnel Plan

You could buy a magnetic bracelet. But: Would the magnets be strong enough? Would the polarity and position reach the swelling?

Would you like to make your own magnetic wrist band that is therapeutically correct?

The correct side of the magnet to face the wrist according to those that have studied its effects is the negative side which counters the positive build up in the swelling. Because of the negative positive pattern that has been observed in the human body, the magnet should be placed on the front of the left wrist and the back of the right wrist.

How do you hold the magnets in the right place?

Make Your Own Magnetic Wrist Band

Obtain a rare earth magnet about one inch or more square or diameter and 1/4 inch thick. [see picture]
From the fabric store obtain:
Knit cuff material to make the band
Velcro closure material if you want to have an adjustable closure instead of just a stretch fit.
Adhesive backed Velcro hooks to put on the positive side of the magnet so that it will stay in place in the band.
Optional decorative notions or a plan to do your own embroidery

If you sew or have some one sew for you assemble the band by applying Velcro hooks to positive side of magnet and press it into the material that will make the band so that only one layer of the material will be on the negative side. Additional layers on the positive side are helpful to reduce the magnet sticking to steel doors during daily activity. Decorate or mark the outside of the band so that it is worn correctly. If a stretch band make diameter to slide on firmly or a Velcro closure.

Distorted Carpel Tunnel Plan

If you have a distortion of the carpel tunnel due to injury or tension across the wrist you should have professional help to make correction but you can improve the time needed for favorable outcome with magnet therapy.

Muscle tension in the fore arm or elbow can be the initiating cause.

A larger band like the one described above can place the magnet over the trigger point or muscle attachment to diminish the inappropriate pattern. Ask your doctor or therapist to show you the location.

Interference with the nerves where they come out of the base of the neck and pass under the collar bone can be an initiating cause.

Making up a magnet with the Velcro hooks on the positive side it can be placed under your garments on the bump at the back of the base of the neck and held in place with a smaller magnet or washer. If you have a thick hump there it is a positive indication.

There may be muscle tension that builds up on the front of the neck to the chest, your therapist can help you with this location.

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