Using a sphere or cylender magnet for trigger point therapy

Massage therapists have asked for real life instruction on how to use magnets during a massage session. I think this one is a good place to start.

First let us look at some magnets that work well
Picture is a link to the product pictured. I recommend that you set your browser to open these links in a new tab so that you can compare them and my comments switching back and forth until you make a decision.

cylinder with a hole to make a rolling tool 
3/4" cylinder magnet

With the center hole a wood shaft and disc on each end will make a tool that can be easily rolled along a long muscle.
This one has the poles on the side of the cylinder which means that the magnetic field will switch back and forth as you roll it for maximum stimulation of the fluids under the skin. It also comes in a modal with the poles on the end of the cylinder so that the lines of the magnetic field would sweep through the tissue always in the same direction which may be more calming.
I still need to do more comparative studies on the difference of response for the two orientations.

Sphere magnet for deep trigger points

This is the simplest tool. It can be rolled rapidly, cupped in the palm of the hand, over the skin for stimulation of the fluids underneath. If you move slowly feeling with the finger tips for a trigger point, when you find one slowly roll the sphere into it until it resists then roll out to allow fluid to flow back in then toll it in again to resistance and out until it rolls through, which usually means that the trigger point has resolved.
1 inch sphere
I have a set of spheres that look identical but half are not magnets. My goal is to have a class that is working on treatment of trigger points do a double blind study. 
The design of the study is to have a neutral observer with a stop watch and instruction/data collection page. She will receive a pair of spheres one magnet and one not. It will be apparent that one is a magnet because of the effort it takes to separate them but which is which is not to be determined until after the trial.
One sphere is put in the left pocket and the other in the right and from then until the end of the test they are known only as left and right. When the therapist finds a trigger point the observer will give her one of the spheres noting left or right and time for treatment and perception of client and therapist. Using the other sphere for the next trigger point and alternating until the end of the session when the magnetic sphere can be determined by its attraction to the latch on the table.

I hope such trials can be repeated in enough different places and different individuals to build a data set that will make a valid study of the benefit of using a magnet on trigger points.

If you have a class that would like to do such a trial use the question page to contact me.

1 inch sphere

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