My Theraputic Magnet Experience

When I finally was convinced that magnet therapy would be beneficial for me I tried a lot of different products that were made and sold for this purpose. I could feel the benefit but I was not convinced that I was getting the full benefit possible.

Most products were made with the least expense possible for the maximum profit for the one selling it.

As I gained more knowledge on the subject, I realized that the magnets were not strong enough to reach the depth of my injury. In my search I found magnets like this one.

This magnet is 3 inches in diameter and its field reaches about 12 inches from the face.

#link_to see it from source

With this magnet held against my back with an elastic back brace I can measure the magnetic field more than 4 inches in front of my body. that means that not only is the magnet keeping the fluids in my spinal joints flowing so that I do not get swelling and pain there, The blood flowing down the aortic vein is also being magnetically energized to more effectively feed the muscles in my hips and legs as I work.With this arrangement I can work hours longer in the garden than with just the brace alone.

How to set up the magnetic back brace
Obtain a length of Velcro fastener hooks from a fabric store that has an adhesive backing. To determine the side of the magnet to use tape a string to it and let it hang until it aligns north and south. Adhere the Velcro hooks to the north facing side. The hooks will keep the magnet from sliding under the elastic and make sure you put the calming side of the magnet against the arthritic part of your back. To help keep the hooks engaged place a steel washer on the outside of the elastic.
The magnet can thus be held over the most painful part of the spine. It is best to have an undershirt between the magnet and the skin because some people develop an allergic reaction to the nickel coating.

How long should you use the magnet?

For muscle aches and pains a few hours my be sufficient but for joints keep the magnet on most of the time. Once a joint starts to swell it takes a long time to get the swelling down again. With the constant effect of the magnet the natural function of the joint is better maintained and less re injury occurs. I take the magnet to bed with me without the brace and let it work all night.

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