You may need a magnet where it does not hurt.

Pain is a symptom not a disease.  Pain is your body's message to your conscious mind that you need to do something different.   

When you touch something hot your hand pulls away before you feel the pain.  With chronic pain that you are thinking of treating with magnet therapy such pulling away has been happening for a long time without your being conscious of the cause or action. Your body has been doing the best it can to keep doing what you ask despite small injuries that may seem to be of no consequence.

The habit of holding this withdrawn position causes stress on the muscle doing the withdrawing and all that it connects to, including muscles that pull in the opposite direction.

As an Antalgic Posture Pain Specialist I find the most common root cause of shoulder pain, when there has not been a direct injury, is holding the arm in a position that shifts the weight off of an injured vertebra of the spine.  The immediate cause of the pain is the repeated strain on the muscle holding the arm in the position when you ask the arm to move in the opposite direction.  Treating the pain in the shoulder will only give temporary relief because the cause will still be there.

Go ahead and use a magnet on the area of pain to help the repetitive strain heal but you may need a skilled therapist to help you locate the root cause.  Quite often when I use appropriate methods to relieve the muscle that is under strain then the client will feel tenderness that is being protected. When I press on the tender spot they will often feel the connection. Then we can come up with an appropriate strategy for the root cause of their pain symptom. Sometimes it involves wearing a magnet over the injured area in the spine.  Sometimes it can be as far away as the knee or foot.

When you injure somewhere between the foot and hip, you limp. The same thing happens with an injury anywhere else but most people do not recognize the symptom.  With spinal injuries it produces what is called an antalgic lean. Part of my training was to measure on X-ray film the amount of this lean. The Chiropractor would then develop a plan to treat the cause of the antalgic posture. My skill as a Massage Therapist was part of the treatment plan. That is how I became Hans Albert Quistorff, LMP Antalgic Posture Pain Specialist.

Antalgia means against pain. Antalgic posture then is holding your body to avoid pain.  Back to the top; that is the most common cause of chronic pain.

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