I use the Medical Biomagnetic Pair daily for therapy

by Suzy Dior



I attended the Level 2 class with Dr Goiz in San Francisco a couple of years ago. During the course I had two days with terrible pain in my lower abdomen, so bad that I had to go to bed and it felt like my whole body was about to pass away. I asked if Dr Goiz would treat me on stage during the course and it was agreed. He tested for the imbalance, place the magnet on the area of disease and before I had left the couch the pain was gone and never came back. The pain was caused by one of the most dangerous bacteria but was eliminated in 20 minutes.

For the last 4 years I have been treating people daily with the biomagnetic pair. After following full training with Dr Goiz I then traveled around Asia treating local people, travelers and the very sick. I saw so many diseases disappear with just one treatment. Cholera, Typhoid, Diabetes, Bone and muscle pain, back pain, deaf ears, skin rashes and much more.

Since returning to live in Europe I have been fully booked seeing many patients who have not found resolution elsewhere. By correctly analyzing the imbalance of the body caused by pathogen or dysfunction and placing the magnetic pair on the place where the pathogen is living, it is eliminated and then the body can become well.

This week I had a man diagnosed with HIV and put on medication. After testing his body I found out that a virus was inhibiting the thymus causing it to look like HIV But the diagnosis had been incorrect. Using the magnetic pair I eliminated the virus and its attached bacteria and the man was able to go and live his life to the full.

Below is explanation how it works.

Diagnosis is done through kinesiology finding all pathogens, virus, fungus, bacteria, parasite and dysfunctions which cause imbalance in the body of physical, emotional, and mental issues. It is corrected using the biomagnetic pair. All illness can be treated with this. It is a vibrational phenomenon considered as a medical therapy.

The pathogen in the body distorts the normal ph in the area it is living so that it can stay alive. The Magnetic pair re-balance the pH to a neutral level. Pathogens cannot survive in this environment, they die and allow the part of body to restore itself to optimum health.
How does it work. We are all magnetic. The minerals in our body are affected by magnets. (iron inside cell and other minerals) moon magnetic field on the water moving. Potential hydrogen (h2o) magnet moves it) It can be out of balance... or in balance.

Using high power 4,000 Gauss magnets to put the pH back in balance, thereby eliminating pathogens and balancing dysfunctions in the body. Specific, scientific measurements and testing are used to ensure balance is achieved.

It's simple. It's effective. It's efficient. There are no side effects. Diagnosis is specific.

Suzy Dior

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Apr 02, 2015
by: David Palfreman

Hi Suzy
I am interested in this bio magnetism and I would like to learn the technique. I find on line courses worrying could you advice me. Self healing is my passion I am inventive. Could you train me? Regards David

Apr 05, 2015
Recommended training for beginners
by: HANS

The group listed below is sponsored by Peter Kulish. His company makes in my opinion the magnets that are the easiest and safest to use along with the instructions on the best protocols to use.
The group discusses other magnets and protocols most of which Peter is familiar with. The Biomagnetic Pair was recently discussed.

I plan to post some video training on this site soon for preparing magnets for specific therapies.


Feb 26, 2016
Biomagnetism therapy
by: Anonymous

Hi David could you email me through my website suzydior.com and connect there for private conversations please.

Sep 13, 2017
Malaria and Biomagnetism
by: Anonymous

I got a better insight about bio-magnetism therapy from your blog.Keep it updating https://www.beyondbiomag.io/blog/malaria-and-biomagnetism

Feb 03, 2020
Davids request
by: Anonymous

Dear David

Please ask me on my latest email info@medicinemadenatural.expert

my best wishes
Mrs S. Dior

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