I used the Palm Mag for pain

by Felicia
(Morgantown, WV. USA)

So, my belief in magnet therapy began a couple years ago when I had a headache and neck pain for 3 days. My sister had a Palm Mag and told me to try it. I placed it on the back of ny neck & within 5 minutes, the headache and pain ceased. I was amazed. I have not had the money to buy my own until I found one used on ebay recently. I was inspired by a botched epidural a few months ago that made it hard to hold my baby at certain positions. It was a scary pain, one that felt like the nerves were being pinched and I could not move that direction. I could only sit straight up, no leaning back whatsoever or I wasn't getting back up.
So it came in the mail and right away I started doing 10 min sessions. I felt pinching in the area and it made it hurt for the first few times. Now I am probably about on my 7th use and I am so thankful that I found this. I feel the desperation gone. I feel like I will not be paralyzed in the moment of feeding my child, that is suppose to be a beautiful moment. I will continue using this in multiple areas of my body because I have suffered with RA pain all my life.
I have also used it on my feet for pain and when I'm done, I have a light feeling of floating. It's pretty amazing!!!! I am so grateful & will forever believe in magnet therapy.

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