Quadrapolar Magnets

by James Hermans
(Brisbane, Australia)

QF28-6 Quadrapolar magnet encased with flux plate

QF28-6 Quadrapolar magnet encased with flux plate

After thousands of patients treated, we propose that the field gradients generated by multipolar magnets are the key to success.
Thankfully, Hans you are practitioner who investigates and tests different therapies. This is one way to adapt new therapies for patients that fall through the cracks of evidence based medicine. Keep up the good work!

The benefit of multipolar magnets can be found in the magnetic field gradients (http://www.qmagnets.com/magnetic-field-gradients.php) they generate. While studies like Collacott (2000 JAMA - http://www.qmagnets.com/magnetic-therapy-relevant-research.php#Collacott) using flexible rubber magnets correctly postulate the field might not penetrate deep enough for lower back pain, our own studies and clinical experience show that the rare earth quadrapolar magnets we use penetrate an inhomogeneous field up to 5cm. This would apply to the QF28-6 model (http://www.qmagnets.com/buy-QF28-6.php).

Now that we can penetrate to the spinal level with a gradient field, the types of results that can be seen with patients like John are common (http://qmagnets.com/blog/pain-testimonies/lower-back-pain/27.html).

See some of our case studies here...

I hope this might be useful to some of your visitors.

James Hermans
Clinic Director
Lifestyle Therapies

Managing Director
Neuromagnetics Australia Pty Ltd

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